Armageddon Gear Competition Kit

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Most Frequent question we here at Swannys! Which is best?

With feedback from many of the Top Shooters and our own testing, here is what ya want.


Well we have a PACKAGE for you!

1. Armageddon Gear OG waxed Gamechanger

2.Armageddon Gear Fat Bag

3. Armageddon Gear Competition Arm Band

4. Gray Ops Brass Marker

5. Swannys Bolt Oil

6. Cole-Tac Kestrel Pouch

7. Cole-Tac Mag Pouch

8. Cole-Tac Ammo Novel

Grab this kit for a newer shooter and get them to the range!!!!


Colors will vary on inventory. Who really gives a crap on color, just use it as a tool and forget about trying to look good.

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