Armageddon Gear OG Sticky Gamechanger (Hybrid)

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The New OG Sticky Gamechanger (Hybrid)


Just Released and Sticks to everything!


The New Hybrid OG Sticky Gamechanger seems to be the top selling bag right now. It does as its name says, it sticks!;


The Sticky Game Changer by Armageddon Gear 

It’s no secret that we have been experimenting with revolutionary textiles that defy conventional capabilities for durability and downright tackiness. So what happens when you combine this new technology with the most winning shooting bag design in the precision rifle sports? The Sticky Game Changer is born and here to take your stability up a notch or two. Derived from the superior stability offered from our exclusive waxed canvas shell, we applied our new sticky textile to strategic areas of the Game Changer including the gusset, top, and a single side. The sticky textile provides shooters an unparalleled coefficient of friction to areas that contact shooting props, however the textile is not plagued with the Ultraviolet light sensitivity that breaks down common non-slip fabrics over time. Offered in both OG and Pint-sized configurations, the underlying waxed canvas shell is reinforced on specific panels with this indescribably sticky textile to provide a new perspective on what a shooting bag can do for you. 
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