Posted by Swanny on Jan 29th 2020

The Question heard around the World!
"How Do I get Started in PRS or NRL competitions"?

The Answer is Simple! But, here is my story.

In 2015 I was assisting in a 2 Day Competition in Kimball Michigan. After spending half the year acquiring what I could for the prize table, I found myself feigning for more. It was like "Crack"... The people I spoke to at each company went out of their way to help assist me in making the Prize table and the event the best it could be.  I didn't shoot the match but the vampire bit, and I was infected. 

So, after bugging the Sh-t out of Tomas Meraz, Chase Straud and other shooters, I just shut my mouth and jumped in. I mean how hard could it be? Being from Metro Detroit, there is more of a chance that Epstein hung himself, then me finding a long distance range within 2.5 hours 


I spoke to CL Turner on the phone and mailed my check! I was in. Shoot for the Green was the first match ever for me and my .243 AIAT! I mean George Gardner won all the time with the 243, why couldn't I? 

Tomas offered his home and we were off! We drove up to a ranch that had more acreage then I thought was possible. Roaming Cows were everywhere and I thought it was a tad weird having to push cow Sh-t (road apples I believe they called it) aside to get into prone position. It was eye opening to be minutes from as many yards as you please, JUST DON'T SHOOT A COW! This may be where my infatuation with Tomahawk steaks started. Like a cartoon, I looked at the cows as if they were dinner. 


Match day! I was more nervous then a crackhead about to do a piss test..... So it was to begin. I was squaded with top shooters and awesome folks. CL Turner brought a Shoot for the Green T-Shirt for my baby boy. I was searching for some Meat Head who I spoke to and facebooked a lot, but never met in person. I asked some dude if he knew Chase Straud, he responded "Jeremy, that's me"!   Ugh, "I should have know by the size of your thighs and the noise they made when you walk"! We enjoyed a laugh. 


Stage 1! So, being from Metro Detroit I was not ready for what awaited me. We have Trees..... Oklahoma doesn't. They do have lots of WIND, DUST and valleys though. I didn't impact a target until stage 3 I believe.... But when I did, you would have thought I hit at Keno! Many people rejoiced and kept encouraging me and guiding me.  Let's say I didn't win that match, but I felt like a winner. I learned a ton. That evening I got to eat dinner with people I looked up to and admired. 

What am I saying?

"Just Have Fun and Shoot". Get out there and make friends, be coach-able and ask questions... People have gear and they WILL lend it to you. So, don't think your gear isn't good enough... 

Words from the TOP!

Jon Pynch, "Just go to club match, let MD (Match Director) know its your first time".

Jake Vibbert, "Go out and RO or Volunteer a match, or go find a local one day match"

Tate Streater, (He is getting back to me)

Brian Allen, "Reach out to someone in the sport.. Plenty will help you.. Go to a Match..reading socialmedia won't get you there"

Please check back frequently! Next blog will be about gear..................... pew pew


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