The Bottom isn't so Lonely

Posted by Swanny on Feb 11th 2020

You Shoot your first match and well, EVERYTHING you own is the problem. Right? That's a Negative Ghost Rider. I couldn't find enough equipment to fault. Maybe it was my Shift and Bender scope, I mean I heard some dude on snipershide say they shift now.... Maybe the AIAT barrel was loose? I think I should run a muzzle brake now. 

Cough, cough, bullsh-t.. It really didn't take long for me to realize, the issues were one thing and one thing only! Me...  So I got on the phone and had a great talk with Bryan Morgan (at Core at the time). Bryan had me come out and was kind enough to lend me his amazing log cabin in Baker FL. We trained for a couple days and man, I learned a ton.. I was blessed to be able to have one-on-one time with Bryan and gain valuable knowledge.

In that year or year and a half I got to shoot with Shannon Kay, Matty Bee, Jake Vibbert and more top notch shooters. Each one gave me knowledge and fundamentals that helped form me as a shooter. I got to a point in shooting where I started to perform well. Lone Survivor was one of my shinning moments as I was near the top. Only 3 stages left and I was doing great. Trigger failed, I dropped... Ended up like 35th of I believe 162 or so. But I was hammering and things seemed to just flow. I also learned to accept what we get. You are what you bring to the match. End of Story. That was still one amazing weekend with amazing friends.


We shoot matches where the top shooters are hitting 90% plus and it is fun to watch. The key I have learned is to play YOUR game. When shooting with the top tier shooters, you have to resist the urge to try and keep up! I have a friend who always wants to drink one for one with me. I am advanced with the likes of Miller Lite beverages and happen to be 282 Lbs. They on the other hand weigh as much as Kate Moss who just walked out of the swimming pool. Not Much! Same thing with shooting, you try and keep up and end up failing and doing stupid things....  So, get to know you and shoot your abilities and not Dave Prestons (Although he will fill you with great knowledge)... Eventually stuff will flow and you will get there. Know your caliber. Pick a caliber and go through a few barrels before chasing the next great caliber. Dryfire! Dryfire! Dryfire! I mean we sell the perfect kit for dryfire practice, just get one...


So if you feel at the Bottom and wanting to give up, Dont! This community is the best at helping others. Find someone and ask questions, borrow gear at matches  and enjoy the process... 



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