USED Red Tac Gear Rear Bag MULTICAM

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USED Red Tac Rear Bag...... Multicam

"Green Goblin" and Corby is written on bag! 



Red Tac has been making these since Dec. 2004 when there were no commercial rear bean bags being made. These are the hottest selling rear support on the internet. Copied by many, but none compare to the quality, availability, & customer service. In use by avid and competitive shooters, LEO/MIL to include; Dept. of Energy, SEAL Team 3, United States Secret Service Counter-Sniper team, and 5th Special Forces Group (A).

  • Dimensions 6" long x 4" diameter
  • Cordura construction
  • 1lb 7oz 
  • Hard poly bead fill
  • Made in USA
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